6 Reasons New Carpet is a Great Choice for Kids

Free the feet!
Let’s face it: kids hate wearing shoes (unless they light up, of course). By carpeting your home -- especially in highly trafficked kid areas like their bedroom and the living room -- you’re allowing your children to embrace the Asian custom of removing their shoes at the door. So, a) they’re learning about different cultures; and b) you’re keeping your home free of the gross stuff kids’ shoes can track into the house. Win-win!

Let ‘em breathe better
Dust, mites and allergens love living in carpet. By replacing your old carpeting with new -- specifically carpet with tightly woven strands, low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels and nylon fibers -- you can cut down on allergy and asthma issues. Manufacturers like Mohawk have an array of beautiful options that meet these requirements.

Muffle the madness
Kids can sometimes be … less than quiet, so sound absorption is a key factor when choosing flooring for kid-friendly areas. Homes with new carpeting boast the power of noise reduction, as the fibers lock in the ever-so-subtle cacophony of tantrums, band practice and Saturday morning cartoons.

Banish boo-boos
Children fall down. A lot. Sometimes for no reason at all. Other times because your flooring is slippery and kids have whatever the opposite of sea legs is. As with anything, coordination and balance take practice and carpet provides small humans with a soft place to master the art of walking. Wood, tile and linoleum have slick surfaces that can be the enemy of little sock-covered feet; new carpet provides the traction and forgiving landing surface that some clumsy kiddos need.

Gain couch territory
Sure, cuddle time is precious (because in a few years your kids will make you drop them off a block away from their school so they don’t have to be seen with you), but children are essentially sweaty little balls of heat. Increase your personal space by installing cozy new carpet. Kids love hanging out on the floor and it’s a lot more comfortable to lie on a plush carpeting than on wood or tile. Improve family movie night for all parties by installing new carpet. Fort-building just got a lot more luxurious.

Encourage creativity
A growing trend in modern parenting is allowing children to have more control over their own personal expression. Whether it’s individual appearance options like haircuts or clothing, or design aesthetics like bedroom paint and decor, kids these days are often encouraged to make their own decisions without parental influence. Get your children involved in the interior decorating process by giving them the final say in flooring for their living spaces. The Carpet Store can help you find the best kid-friendly carpeting options.

If you’re ready to give your floors a makeover that your children will love, look no further than The Carpet Store. With convenient locations in Tampa, St. Petersburg and New Port Richey, your Tampa Bay home can get the update it deserves before you can say “No juice in the living room!” However, stain-proof carpet options are also available if said juice makes its way into off-limit zones.

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