Free in-home measurements


Free in-home measurements in Florida

Free in-home measure services sets the stage for accurate estimates and installation. The information our measurement professional collects at your home with a free in-home measure, will bring your new floor to fruition with less waste and more satisfaction. The Carpet Store takes pride in getting your floor right the first time with a professional in-home measurement. Most of us can cast an eye on a room and ballpark the dimensions within a couple of feet. Those couple of feet can turn into not enough material to complete the job, or, way too much left over - wasting money. Your flooring project will flow more smoothly with solid numbers to work with.

What to expect with the free in-home measure

In order to make an accurate estimate and plan the installation, we need accurate measurements to calculate square footage and decide how to lay the flooring. When you are ready for your flooring to be ordered the free in-home measure will be scheduled at your convenience. You can anticipate:

  • A call the day before the appointment to confirm the time
  • Plan to keep children and pets safely away from the installation space
  • Our measurer will need free access to the space you are flooring
  • Don't worry about cleaning, tidy is terrific
  • In addition to taking measurements, our associate will note the access and parking available for the installation crew




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Following the free in-home measure

Using the measurements collected, a work plan will be made up, it will include:

  • Placement of seams and joins
  • Consideration of any nap
  • Diagram for tile placement or intricate patterns

The Carpet Store & For The Floor have served the communities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and New Port Richey for over two decades, bringing the best in flooring and related services to our clients. To learn more about our products and services, including a free in-house measure, please stop by the showroom and introduce yourself.